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The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy celebrated her 200th year anniversary last 2020. Since the days of Escuela Nautica de Manila the Institution has made it its mission to establish a tradition of excellence, a long line of noteworthy achievements that cemented The Philippines’ role in the Global Maritime field. Maybe it was fate that it was during that same year that we faced the Global Pandemic. It has brought to the forefront the importance of the people in the Maritime Industry as key workers, the very lifeblood of the global economy. 2021 will be not different as we continue to face whatever challenges we may face.
As with the resilient response of the Maritime Industry to the pandemic, the PMMA did not and will not falter in fulfilling its mandate in producing well trained Merchant Marine Officers as well as contributing to Nation Building and being well involved in Global Maritime concerns.

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On November 7, 2022, the PMMA through the Department of Research, Development and Extension had welcomed Dr. Mustafa Latif Emek, President of the Institute of Economic Development and Social Researches (IKSAD), Turkey during his visit with the purpose of exploring possible academic and research collaboration with the institution. By establishing international linkages and partnerships, the PMMA broadens its horizons to uphold its high excellence in research and development. The Institute of Economic Development and Social researches (IKSAD) had a Memorandum of Understanding (Research Collaboration) with PMMA since June 7, 2021 as per Board Resolution No. 29 S2021.

-Research empowers us with knowledge and it takes dedication, perseverance, and a lot of inspiration to be a researcher.
The PMMA Department of Research, Development and Extension aspires to have a beneficial impact and make a significant contribution to the society by actively participating in social transformation, institutional development, and other community involvements through research, development, and extension services. Following health protocols, the DRDE successfully conducted data gathering for the need-based extension research entitled, “Need-Based Extension Services in Selected Barangays in Zambales Towards Community Development” last 16-18 November 2022 at Sitio Aldea, Barangay Natividad, San Narciso, Zambales. This research is conceptualized to address the actual needs of the communities by profiling the residents of the selected sitio/barangay. The results will be a useful tool in determining the services needed by these communities and in identifying problem areas for possible community development. Further, it is vital to develop a community profile in order to gather reliable baseline data, determine the important needs, and realize the community’s present condition.

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REPUBLIC ACT No. 7041 June 5, 199. An Act Requiring Regular Publication of Existing Vacant Positions in Government Offices, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes” aims to promote efficiency in the allocation of personnel in the civil service, as well as transparency and equal opportunities in the  recruitment and hiring of new personnel.



We’re very interested to know how you’re doing so far. Participate in our Alumni Tracer and tell us more about your whereabouts, connections, accomplishments and achievements, innovations, business, etc. Rest assured that the information provided and gathered will be kept strictly confidential, Thank you.


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PMMA QUO VADIS? 1820-2022

Brief maritime history of the Philippines and its modern shipping industry with the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy)

Get to know more about the home of the world’s finest mariners. From its inception in 1820 as Escuela Nautica de Manila, to its stature as the premier maritime institution in the country today, The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy continues to utilize its proud maritime tradition, producing marine, naval, and coast guard officers for shipboard and shore-based positions, providing the best service, knowledge and skills only PMMA graduates possess!

Heeding the call of Education 4.0 as aligned to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy revolutionized its teaching and learning environment thru innovations on adaptive virtual reality, analytic gamefied methodologies, eLearning platforms, modern simulations, digital statistics and tracking, digital blockchain certifications, and electronic diplomas and transcripts. Priding itself as the first augmented-reality maritime institution, the PMMA believes the future is NOW.