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The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy has been through various adversities in its 203 years of maritime excellence. Among the notable and strategic achievements for the economy and defense during the Royal Decree under the Spanish government as Escuela Nautica de Manila, the Academy continuously proved to take the leap towards development and innovation despite all the trials and sacrifices encountered. Mandated by Republic Act 3680 signed by the late President Diosdado P. Macapagal, PMMA strongly contributes to the Philippine economic development and resiliency in Maritime Education and Training.

Over the years, PMMA unceasingly produced well-qualified and competent merchant marine, naval and coastguard officers. Needless to say, we strenuously strengthened its education and quality system even through digital transformation. We have showcased the Philippines….

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REPUBLIC ACT No. 7041 June 5, 199. An Act Requiring Regular Publication of Existing Vacant Positions in Government Offices, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes” aims to promote efficiency in the allocation of personnel in the civil service, as well as transparency and equal opportunities in the  recruitment and hiring of new personnel.



We’re very interested to know how you’re doing so far. Participate in our Alumni Tracer and tell us more about your whereabouts, connections, accomplishments and achievements, innovations, business, etc. Rest assured that the information provided and gathered will be kept strictly confidential, Thank you.


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Get to know more about the home of the world’s finest mariners. From its inception in 1820 as Escuela Nautica de Manila, to its stature as the premier maritime institution in the country today, The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy continues to utilize its proud maritime tradition, producing marine, naval, and coast guard officers for shipboard and shore-based positions, providing the best service, knowledge and skills only PMMA graduates possess!

Heeding the call of Education 4.0 as aligned to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy revolutionized its teaching and learning environment thru innovations on adaptive virtual reality, analytic gamefied methodologies, eLearning platforms, modern simulations, digital statistics and tracking, digital blockchain certifications, and electronic diplomas and transcripts. Priding itself as the first augmented-reality maritime institution, the PMMA believes the future is NOW.




PMMA Data Privacy Policy

The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Data Privacy Office is tasked by virtue of RA 10173 to ensure the protection of the personal, private and sensitive data of all its data subjects – personnel, students, clients and third-parties.


Collection of Personal Data

We collect and protect Personal Information only when the Data Subject has given his or her consent. The Personal Information collected shall be processed solely in connection with the Data Subject’s application for school admission or employment, access to and use of electronic services or other transaction with the Data Subject’s proper consent. All Personal Information collected may be retained by until necessary to the above-mentioned purposes and in accordance with applicable laws and with the school policy. The Quality Operations Manual (QOM) of every office contains retention and disposal of each process which shall serve as institutions basis of retention and disposal of any collected and processed data. The Data Privacy Office shall ensure that collection of data is in accordance with the data subject’s consent.

Storing and Securing Data

The personal information we store and secure is transmitted manually into a filing system as a record of the academy. To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data that is collected; organizational, administrative, and technical processes and procedures are put in place to safeguard the collected information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. The Quality Operations Manual (QOM) of every office also contains the process of storage and records are properly labeled.

Disclosure of your Personal Information to Third Parties

The disclosure of Personal Information to third parties must be with the consent of the Data Subject as to the purpose of the disclosure and the identity of the said third parties. The Data Privacy Office shall ensure that the privacy policies of said third parties provide a comparable level of protection as that of and are compliant with the relevant laws and guidelines of the Philippines, including the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. The Data Privacy Office shall issue a Data Privacy Clearance to any office that wishes to release a personal, private, or sensitive data which is/are outside of the regular operation or provisions in their respective Quality Operations Manual after complying with the requirements set forth by this office in consonance with the requirements of this Act.

Disposal of Data Collected

The basic principles laid down in the Data Privacy Act are the process of Collection, Retention and Disposal. These principles are widely applied in the operation of each office, unit and/or department of the academy. Each process that collects data contains the retention of such data and the process how it shall be disposed.

The retention and disposal of every document in every process vary with the nature of data collection, type of data collected and disposal required by other statutes, regulations and executive orders. The Data Privacy Office shall ensure that other documents not covered with its Institutional Quality Operations Manual shall abide with other existing law such as the requirements laid down in the Republic Act No. 9470, otherwise known as the “National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007”.

Rights to Your Personal Data

The academy recognizes the rights of its personnel, students, clients, and third-parties to their personal data, as provided by the Data Privacy Act of 2012. If any of these data subjects want to exercise any of their rights, or should they have any concern or question regarding them, or any matter involving the Academy and data privacy, they may contact the PMMA Data Protection Officer at:
Landline: (047) 913 4396 local 190
Address: San Narciso, Zambales

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