About us


To promote a RESEARCH CULTURE where researchers – faculty, staff and students – conduct institutional, maritime-related and community-based researches that would benefit the maritime education and industry.

To leave a positive impact in our society by being an active partner in social transformation, in institutional development, and other community involvements through research, development, and extension.


The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy – Department of Research, Development and Extension (PMMA-DRDE) envisions conducting revolutionary and technology integrated research, development and extension projects creating beneficial impacts to the maritime education and maritime industry.

Quality Objectives

• Complete four (4) research projects aligned with recent developments that would benefit the academy, the maritime education and maritime industry by end the of 2021.
• Strengthen Research Capabilities by promoting and facilitating the dissemination and utilization of research outputs through presentation of three (3) research papers in research conferences and three (3) research publications to reputable journals within the year.
• Plan for future growth and development by providing two (2) research-related seminars/webinars to faculty and researchers and provide transfer of expertise or technical knowledge by conducting free seminars and trainings.
• Implement approved extension program – familiarization training and basic safety training for local fishermen (Phase 1 & 2).


In accordance to the Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the DRDE shall ensure that all the personal data collected in the course of the conduct of research activities shall remain confidential and shall be used solely for purposes of research and development activities such as, but not limited to the following: research/instructional package/book proposal, conduct of research, book/IP writing, presentation and publication of researches in local and international venues, and publication of books/IPs.

Organizational Chart