Class pinning and recognition of PMMA Class 2024

PMMA Commandant of Midshipmen Affairs, Alexander Tabobo led the recognition of 213 members of Class 2024 today. The recognition ceremony of Class 2024 was highlighted with the doning of Class Pin by the senior midshipmen of Class 2021 and Class 2023. Class pinning and virtual recognition marks the change of status of 4th class to 3rd class, 3rd class to 2nd class, 1st class to probationary graduates, with corresponding privileges. The reading of privileges for the incoming 3rd Class midshipmen/women was read by Tactical Security Officer Mark Edrill Omagtang. The event was also graced by the Superintendent’s inspirational message to the Corps of Midshipmen who reminded them to put God first and do what is right in whatever challenges they may face in life.
As they step in the hierarchy of the regiment, they are given certain privileges as follows:
1. No more hands back, hands on side
2. No more chin in
3. Open collar 
4. Wearing of pershing cap will now be 2 fingers from the visor.
5. You are now allowed to smile
6. No more double time, just walk but lock elbows
7. No more shouting. You can now speak in your normal voice.
8. No more square meal.
9. You may now occupy half of the seat but maintain proper bearing.
10. You can now eat in-between meals.
11. You are now allowed to go to pmma canteen during your free time.
12. You can now sit on your bunks during free time
13. You can now wear wristwatches with black strap 
14. Your haircut will now be 4 by 5 
15. You may now put your batch pins and shoulder boards.
After receiving these privileges, they must prepare for the responsibilities that come with it. As a part of the leadership training for midshipmen/women, underclassmen are also given the opportunity to supervise the fourth-class midshipmen in order to ensure the rapid adjustments to the demands of the regimental program.