Good Governance

Citizen Charter

(In compliance with the requirements of Republic Act No. 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007)

          I.   Mandate:

Under Section 2 of RA 3680. The main purpose of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy is to produce efficient and well trained merchant marine officers who can favorably compare with marine officers of progressive maritime countries sufficient to carry the expanding international trade in times of peace and capable of serving as a naval and military auxiliary in times of war and national emergency. The secondary purpose is to produce young men well trained in other fields of the merchant marine service, like marine surveyors, port supervisors, shipping office personnel, shipping management and others.

          II.   Vision:

The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy envision itself to be an educational institution with a strong presence in leading the country’s maritime education, training and development.

          III.   Mission:

To develop competent marine, naval and coast guard officers for shipboard and shore-based positions; and to spearhead the improvement in maritime education, training and research.

          IV.   Service Pledge:

We, the officials and employees of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, San Narciso, Zambales pledge and commit to deliver quality public service as promised in the Citizen’s Charter. Specially, we will:

  • Serve with integrity
  • Be prompt and timely
  • Display procedures, fees and charges
  • Provide feedback mechanism
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and appropriate behavior, and
  • Professionalism
  • Wear proper uniform and identification
  • Be available during office hours
  • Provide comfortable waiting area, and
  • Treat everyone equally


PMMA – Admissions Office

External Services

  1. Application for Examination
  2. Verification if Passed or Failed Applicants in Entrance Examination
  3. Enrollment for One Month Orientation and Indoctrination Period
  4. Neuro-Psychological, Medical and Dental Screening of Probationary Midshipmen
  5. Online Enrollment for One Month Orientation and Indoctrination Period (Month of July)

PMMA – Registrar Unit  

    1. Enrollment Procedure for incoming 4Cl (1st Year Students) and Regular Cadets

PMMA – Accounting Unit

  1. Assessment of student (Enrollment)
  2. Assessment of Student (Clearance)
  3. Issuance of Certification of Fees
  4. Issuance of Tax Certificate

PMMA – Cashier

    1. Receiving payments and issuance of official receipt

PMMA – Training Center

    1. Maritime Training Center


PMMA – Library

    1. Issuance of Library Clearance


PhilGEPS Posting

Calendar Year 2015
Calendar Year 2014
Calendar Year 2013

Report Cards

PMMA MARC 1 – MFO Accountability Report Card

PMMA MARC 2 – Good Governance Accountability Report Card