Master in Maritime Education and Training (MMET)

The Master of Science in Maritime Education and Training is designed to respond to the needs of maritime institution in upgrading maritime education through professional development of the faculty and academic personnel of maritime schools. It also seeks to train more proficient maritime educators not only by virtue of the educational principles and methods but with deeper understanding of the subject matters.

The following are the subjects for this course:

Foundation Subjects (12 Units)

  • Maritime Economics
  • Maritime Law
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Statistics

Core Subjects: (9 Units)

  • International Maritime Convention and Codes
  • Contemporary Issues in Maritime Labour
  • Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection and Issues

Specialized Subjects (21 Units)

  • Curriculum Development and Design
  • Comparative Study of Philippine MET and Selected MET of the World
  • Evaluation, Assessments and Certification Issues
  • Quality Management System
  • Educational Technology in MET
  • Maritime Administration and Human Resource Management
  • Teaching Methodology, Instructional Planning and Approach

Thesis Writing (6 Units)

Pre-requisites (for non maritime graduates)

  • General Ship’s Knowledge and Operations – 1 unit