PhilGEPS Posting – Calendar Year 2014

Summary of PMMA Public Bidding Activities, Awarded Contracts and Notice to Proceed for Calendar Year 2014

Certificate of Compliance – Calendar Year 2014

Awarded Contracts for Calendar Year 2014

Reference No.Title/Project
2517336Security Services for the 60.23 hectare PMMA Complex
2562319Renovation of College of Marine Engineering Building
2568083Cadets Uniform Lot A
  1. GOA Black and White
  2. GOA Khaki
  3. Summer White
2568202Cadets Uniform Lot C
  1. Coverall
  2. New Uniform Swiss Cotton
2568246Cadets Uniform Lot D
  1. PMMA Jacket
  2. Athletic Uniform
2568167Cadets uniform Lot B
  1. Full Dress Gala w/Bell Buttons
  2. Duty Blue
2568268Cadets Shoes and Bags Lot E
  1. Combat Shoes
  2. Regulation Shoes
  3. Dress Shoes
  4. School Bags
  5. Liberty Bags
2568281Cadets Paraphernalia Lot F
  1. Pershing Cap
  2. Oversea Cap Seal
  3. GARRISON Buckle w/ seal
  4. Garrison belt
  5. Over sea cap
  6. Cross band
  7. Gala Buckle w/ seal
  8. Collar Pin
  9. Extra kahki cloth
2582952Audio Presentation, Commercial Information and MTV
2589080Totally Enclosed Life Boat
2607057ITB Meat Products
2607157ITB Poultry Products
2607037ITB Rice
2607236ITB Fish (Fresh)
2607259ITB Fish (Dried)
2607279ITB Groceries
2631805ITB Laundry Services Cadets Uniform
719093Replacement and Configuration of the Visual System on the Main Bridge of the Ship Handling Simulator (Direct Contracting)