PMMA Advisory Related to Covid-19

Amidst the latest development on Covid-19, we emphasize the health and safety of our alumni, our guests, the PMMA faculty, staff and cadets are our utmost concern. Following Proclamation No. 922 by the President of the Philippines declaring the State of Public Health Emergency, the PMMA issues the following advisory in response to the Covid-19 outbreak:

I. Bicentennial Celebration Events

    1. Several events such as the following are hereby postponed until further notice:
    2. On the other hand, the following activities will push through as participants will only be internal PMMA employees and students:
    3. Conversely, the Drum and Lyre competition to be participated by public schools is hereby cancelled in connection with DepEd Memorandum Order No. 34 s. 2020.

II. Precautionary Measures

  1. Screening through checklist of symptoms, travel history and temperature checking of PMMA cadets and employees:
    1. All cadets, employees and their dependents shall be subjected to temperature check upon entry to the academy.
    2. Those with symptoms shall be subjected to medical examination by the PMMA Medical Unit and proper referrals shall be made to the local health unit.
  2. Entry to PMMA premises of guests and visitors shall be prohibited indefinitely to safeguard the welfare and health of employees and students and prevent the spread of the disease. 
  3. Official travel of employees, whether local or international, shall be prohibited indefinitely. Employees with intentions of personal travel are strongly urged to reconsider such plans; if they proceed, they should properly inform their unit head. Those returning from travel overseas will undergo self-quarantine for 14 days.
  4. Employees and their dependents with signs and symptoms shall be instructed home quarantine for 14 days or until symptoms resolve. Proper referrals to the nearest local health facility or their health facility of choice shall be made when necessary.
  5. Placement of a temporary holding area for screening of cadets coming back from off-campus activities and a quarantine area for cadets with signs and symptoms shall be organized by the departments involved. Proper referrals to the nearest local health facility or their health facility of choice shall be made when necessary.

Everyone is enjoined to continue to take sensible health precautions, stay calm, be updated with the latest accurate information, refrain from sharing fake news, remain vigilant, and be prayerful. We shall conquer this!

God bless us all.