PMMA Comunity extends their deep and heartfelt sympathy to Robert James Weilbacher (PMMA Class of 1970) and to his family.

Governor of Kosrae
(In office from February 23, 2007 – January 11, 2011)

Robert J. Weilbacher, Sr. who was born on September 14, 1946 is a Micronesian politician and former Governor of Kosrae state. Weilbacher served as the Governor of Kosrae from February 2007 until January 2011.

Governor Robert J. Weilbacher and Lt. Governor William Tosie were sworn into office on February 23, 2007. Their public inauguration was held on March 13, 2007, with Micronesian President Joseph Urusemal in attendance.
Weilbacher inherited a poor economy and massive public debt left by the administration of outgoing Kosrae Governor Rensley A. Sigrah.

The Kosrae state government was barely able to make payroll due to financial mismanagement when Weilbacher took office. On March 8, 2007, just days after taking office as governor, Weilbacher traveled to the Micronesian capital of Palikir to request nearly $3 million in financial aid to “make payroll and meet basic services” for the remainder of the financial year.

Weilbacher spearheaded government reforms saying in a 2007 interview, “I want us to change how we operate. Change the way we think about government.”

Governor Weilbacher did not seek a second term in office in the 2009 gubernatorial election.