Shipboard Training Program


To complete the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation or Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering courses, cadets are required to undergo one-year training onboard ocean-going vessels, which is placed on the third year of the course, making it a sandwich type program. The program is intended to enhance the knowledge and skills acquired during the first two years of theoretical period. Unlike any other maritime institutions, the PMMA assures that every midshipman is fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills before he/she graduates, as also required by ship owners and principals. And so, the Academy is charged with the development of well-trained and competent reservoir of future officers for positions in the maritime industry contributing to the economic and social development for the Philippines.

The shipboard training program provides all cadets with the opportunity to use a ship as a sea-going laboratory wherein they are required to complete their Training Record Books. This Record Book will be evaluated and graded and will serve as a requirement for enrollment in the final stage of the course as Fourth Year cadets.

For this year, PMMA has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with twenty-eight (28) Shipping Companies for the Shipboard Training Program of PMMA cadets. These Shipping companies support the cadets in achieving quality education and training. They train cadets to become loyal and committed to the tasks assigned to them by the company.